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DNA Documentation Systems

Digital Gel Documentation System

When using a digital camera with a UV transilluminator, a narrow bandpass filter is required. The bandpass filters allows only the light caused by the flourescence of the gel to be transmitted to the camera. All other light is blocked by the filter. The narrow bandpass filter value is determined by the stain used on the gel and the flourescence of that gel. Typical filters are the PECA 590, PECA 560 and PECA 535.

Gel Doc Components


Typical UV gel documentation system consists of:

Digital camera

Bandpass filter

Camera bracket

Hood - size depended on gel size

Rubber mat for transilluminator


DNA gel shot on UV transilluminator
with a PECA 590 filter.

Hood and Gel Sizes

Digital Cameras

Peca Products has designed and manufactured mounting brackets for a great number of digital cameras. Digital cameras models change frequently. Currently Peca is suppling the Canon G15 camera. Cameras may be furnished by the customer, however if we have not previously designed a bracket, the camera must be shipped to Peca Products for bracket design. There is not a charge for the design work. 

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DNA documentation systems maybe returned for credit with prior authorization.

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