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EdCam - Gel Documentation Systems


Each EdCam system includes a current digital camera and a hood specifically designed for this system with a built in close-up lens that assures proper focus for a sharp clear image of the gel. System 8 hood has a specially engineered filter that blocks unwanted UV and Infrared light, necessary to assure bands in the gel can be seen. The hood blocks outside light from reflecting off the gels surface so room lights can remain on during use. Hood will accommodate gels up to 3 1/8" X 3 7/8" (7.9cm X 9.8cm)

EdCam system 7

EdCam System 7

Digital Camera & Hood

For white light transilluminators

Note: White light transilluminators vary a great deal in their light output. For this reason, a special filter may be needed for some transilluminators.

EdCam 8 system

EdCam System 8

UV Digital Camera & Hood

For UV light transilluminators

Engineered to work with your UV transilluminator. Includes special filtration to block unwanted UV and Infrared light.

EdCam 9 system

EdCam System 9

Complete white light system, ready to go! Easy to use camera & hood with special built in close-up lens for sharp clear image.

Includes white light transilluminator manufactured from non-metallic materials for added safety.

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